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Purpose - DMC Fancomic - Pg.1 by Joz-yyh Purpose - DMC Fancomic - Pg.1 :iconjoz-yyh:Joz-yyh 56 8 DMC - Vergil p.182-185 by karaii DMC - Vergil p.182-185 :iconkaraii:karaii 131 73 Dark Slayer by DarkPoison13 Dark Slayer :icondarkpoison13:DarkPoison13 116 11 DMC - Genderbender by karaii DMC - Genderbender :iconkaraii:karaii 703 371 We can make these promises come true by keichama We can make these promises come true :iconkeichama:keichama 216 32
Devil may Cry parody. 2
Dante: NERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nero: What is it Dante?
Dante: WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nero: Dante I have no idea what you’re talking about. Kyrie do you know what he’s talking about?
*Nero looks at Kyrie who shakes her head no*
Dante: Don’t fuck with me Nero!!!
Nero: Ah go read your porno.
*Dante draws Ebony and Ivory*
Dante: I mean it Nero…
*Credo walks in and starts drooling over Dante who only has a towel around his waist*
Credo: Mmm Dante….
Dante: Eh?
Nero: Oh come on Credo contain yourself man!
Vergil: I agree that’s just sick.
Nero: Credo just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you can have every guy you see
*Credo looks at Nero and starts drooling*
Nero: Oh come on!!!
Dante: I’m going to go get a magazine.
Vergil: Hey Credo come give Dante a kiss
*Trish punches Vergil*
Trish: Fuck you Dante’s mine!
Vergil: Fuck you!
Trish: Fuck you!!
Vergil: Fuck you!!
Trish: I said fuck you first so fuck you!
*Dante walks
:iconpa1ntap1cture:pa1ntAp1cture 24 22
Devil May Cry 4 Bloopers Pt 1
Devil May Cry 4 Bloopers Part 1:
*Kyrie Singing*
Kyrie:*all of a sudden starts singing "Oops,I Did It Again"
Me/Credo/Nero: O.O;
Me:CUT!!!! *to myself* I thought we had a good,innocent girl for this role...
*fight with Dante*
Dante:*knocks Nero's sword out of his hand and about to stab him*
Nero:*hyolds up the wrong arm to block*
Me:Oh crap!! Nero,wrong-
Dante:*stabs Nero's arm* O.O;
Nero:*arm bleeding* AHHHHH!!!! MEDIC!!!
Me:Arm...*sighs* Cut and get a nurse for Nero...
Dante:Dumb kid...
Me:*throws my megaphone at Dante*
Dante:*gets hit* OW!!!
*meeting Berial*
Nero:*walking through the town,then sees Berial's gate* Let me guess,more demons...
Berial:*bursts out of his gate,then roars sending out a giant ring of fire*
*fire coming towards me*
Me: O.O OH CRA-*gets burned then says weakly* Cut.
:icondmcfan13:DMCFan13 33 262
DMC - Vergil p.169-173 by karaii DMC - Vergil p.169-173 :iconkaraii:karaii 132 51 DMC - Vergil p.166-168 by karaii DMC - Vergil p.166-168 :iconkaraii:karaii 133 88 DRRR_Izaya Orihara by Unodu DRRR_Izaya Orihara :iconunodu:Unodu 7,056 318 FinalFantasy_Lucky_13 by Unodu FinalFantasy_Lucky_13 :iconunodu:Unodu 6,420 330 Devil_May_Cry: Nero by Unodu Devil_May_Cry: Nero :iconunodu:Unodu 5,153 296 DMC - Vergil p.163-165 by karaii DMC - Vergil p.163-165 :iconkaraii:karaii 124 58